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Fusion Guarantees is a registered credit provider and FIC Accountable institution that assists small to medium size contractors with contract credit guarantees such as performance and advance payment guarantees.

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We offer construction guarantees such as performance guarantees, sureties and retention guarantees. We aim to be flexible and reliable for all our clients so that no matter how big or how small, we can provide these products to you.

Structured Guarantees

All our guarantees are structured under secured credit facilities and credit agreements. As part of our requirements it is important that assets provided as security are properly insured and is a condition of our credit facility agreements. 



Where insurance related cover is required Fusion Guarantees (Pty) Ltd can refer you to a large panel of Financial Services Providers that can assist with Asset Insurance, Contract Works Insurance, and Liability Insurance covers etc to meet our security requirements.

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Fusion Guarantees system and process enables equal access to credit guarantee opportunities for construction businesses within the structured legislative framework of the National Credit Act. We believe that is imperative that contractors receive the right financial support to enable them long-term growth and to improve their liquidity.

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