Fusion Guarantees (Pty) Ltd is a registered FIC Accountable Institution and a Licenced Credit Provider. NCRCP10354. Our business have been operating since 2006 and we have established ourselves as a Credit Provider that offers guarantees, sureties and letters of credit under secured credit facilities over the last 11 years. The key to our business success is strong business values; trust, integrity and reliability. Our clients in the construction industry benefits from our approachability, flexibility and easy way of doing business. We value our clients and their achievements as SME’s contributing to the success stories of Infrastructure Development in South Africa. “We are proud of you.”


Assisting small to medium size contractors in the construction industry to have completed more than 2950 projects to the value of over R30 billion. Our customer default rates well below industry default rates.


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To become the preferred credit provider for small to medium size companies in the construction guarantee market.


  • To always act with fairness towards our customers, staff and construction employers
  • To always act with integrity and honesty
  • To be transparent in our marketing, our pricing and the way we present our customer statements
  • To respect our clients and our staff
  • To always be professional in our business and the way we deal with our clients


  • To continuously develop our systems and processes to allow us to continue to deliver services efficiently and effectively.
  • To familiarise ourselves with continuous changing legislative frameworks of South African Laws to ensure our client’s rights are protected within such legal frameworks.
  • To familiarise ourselves with developments in the contractual obligations between our clients and employers therefore highlighting potentially high risks.
  • To continue to build strong relationships with our service providers to enhance efficient service delivery.
  • To assess our client’s financial position constantly to advise our clients against potential over-indebtedness and extensive credit exposures.
  • To structure secured credit facilities that would reduce cash liquidity constraints.
  • To build long-term relationships with our clients through an open-door policy.
  • To continue to conduct proper financial assessments to prevent any reckless credit transactions.